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Neighbors! Empty Neighbors!

Post by Ailin of Uantir July 29th 2011, 4:26 pm

Good morning our new northern border buddies. I thought that as your claim on Micras is beginning to wrap up I'd stop by to introduce myself.

My name is Ari Ryan Ailin, King of Uantir. We are a Libertarian Absolute Monarchy that maintains a Confederated style network of territories of various culturual themes including Celtic, Feudal Brittanic, Industrial/Victorian and semi-fantasy.

Our main exports are silk and tin, the small bit of copper we mine from Blore Heath making Bronze a metal that rings with national pride, where as other metal is imported. From the coast to (soon to be again) the river all manner of weather and terrain can be found as the King Lion (as it's known in Uantir) mountain range cuts through the western half of Uantir.

The primary point of contact for National affairs is myself as there are no Aristocrats currently fulfilling the Foreign Affairs Minister position. Though we have a website, it's painfully outdated, mostly because I've forgotten how to update it.

Our forum is located at [I'd tell you, but your forum informs me I'm not allowed.]

For more information on the culture and other themes the forum has all our Primers, which are short summaries of various Uantirian cultural aspects for your convenience.

Ailin of Uantir

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